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I’m tired of doing this shit every god damn day. No one fucking cares about me. No one. No one will even fucking read this. I could die, and people would only give a shit for a week, and that’s only because it would just be going around the school. My parents would be a whole hell of a lot happier. Have fun at the beach without me, mom. Hope you have a great fucking time. No one cares about what I think or what I feel. I’m just the “back up” friend. I’m the one people go to when they have no one else. I’m fucking done. Fuck all of this. Fuck “friends”. Fuck “parents”. No one has ever given a shit about me, so why the fuck should I even stick around? I work my ass off so I could stop asking you for money and you STILL find something to bitch at me about. It doesn’t matter what I do, I will forever be the worst mistake of your life. I’m the reason you’re miserable. I’ve tried to make things better, and you’ve made it obviously clear that you just don’t give a shit about me, that you don’t want me around. Enjoy the last moments that you have to bitch at me, because it won’t be long until I’m gone.


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